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Cloudike Enterprise File Sharing Solution (EFSS) is a white label file storage solution that can be deployed on premise or hosted nearby.

Cloudike EFSS?

With the amount of data that is produced daily, companies are look towards online cloud storage solutions more than ever. Yet, while all businesses come in different forms and sizes, cloud solutions have failed to tailor match the needs of individual companies.

With the amount of data that is produced daily, companies are look towards online cloud storage solutions more than ever. Yet, while all businesses come in different forms and sizes, cloud solutions have failed to tailor match the needs of individual companies.

Cloudike EFSS gives companies a state-of-the-art cross-platform cloud that be branded and deployed to your company’s needs. Whether you have an operation 1000 strong and need an on-premise deployment or a team of 200 with hosting nearby, Cloudike EFSS has you covered.

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Cloudike enables mobile carriers and device OEMs to extend their own ecosystem by providing a cloud service, similar to those provided by DropBox, Google, Apple but under their own brand and without having to invest years of R&D.

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Why Cloudike?

Designed for Collaboration and Efficiency

Cloudike EFSS combines our experience with personal cloud with a business focus to ensure optimal collaboration and sharing. Designed to be intuitive and accessible across all platforms.

Easy to Integrate and Customize

Our white-label cloud can be branded and integrated as needed. From your company’s logo and colours to custom features built as required, Cloudike EFSS is shaped by you.

Lean and Cost Effective

Using the latest technology available, our cloud has been engineered to offer top tier service at the most affordable pricepoint in the market.

Proven Traction an Statistics

Our deployments average hundreds of thousands of users, over 50 million files, and sizable churn reduction for mobile carriers.

Cloudike is already used by :

  • LG
  • Megafon
  • Vestel

Deployment Options

Hosted :

  • Hosted and operated by Cloudike
  • No upfront storage investment
  • Ideal for pilot tests
  • Starts with 5,000 users (scale as needed)

On-premise :

  • Hosted on customer own infrastructure
  • Backed by 24/7 technical support
  • Uses existing storage (installation of OpenStack, if required)
  • Ideal for large-scale launch
  • Starts with 50,000 users (optimal for 1M+ users)

Why business Cloud?

  1. Technical wise

    Alternative to FTP

    Alternative to FTP

    A lot of companies still use FTP as a way to share files between departments, remote offices or partners. FTP does not provide automatic synchronization, or version control and requires Administrator support. Cloudike will provide a lot more; right out of the box.

    Easy transfer of HUGE files

    Easy transfer of HUGE files

    Upload your files to Cloudike and simply send a link to your partners. You will no longer have to deal with the hassle of e-mail quotas, problems with the firewall or company policies.

    Secure enterprise mobile access

    Secure enterprise mobile access

    Access your files anywhere from any of your devices. Both Cloudike mobile and desktop client software utilizes secure network transport which keeps sensitive data safe.

  2. Business wise

    Marketing & PR assets management

    Marketing & PR assets management

    Typically these types of documents/files are of immense size and change often. In addition, there are multiple revisions to them. This can make them difficult to revise manually. Cloudike provides the user with tools that make the revision process more automatic/less difficult than before.

    Documents management

    Documents management

    Cloudike keeps your documents organized using features you are already familiar with. The document version control features will track the changes while and the integrated document preview allow the documents to be viewed on any platform.

    Sales materials management

    Sales materials management

    Keep your materials updated, share with partners/clients and track activity.

Business Edition Capabilities

Company management

Custom logo, domain and company name. Company wide quota management.

User management

Add/Remove/Block users, manage user quota, check user activity.

Shared files console

Keep track of which files or folders are shared by company users.

Company folders

The Administrator or any company user can create a shared folder which is then published to the company. This enables every employee to see the created folder and request access to it.

Sharing parameter control

As the Administrator, you can set a sharing parameter to where and how files can be shared. (i.e. the Administrator can allow access solely within the company or can make it accessible to outside partners)

Policy based public links

Even with a link to document for outside partners, you want to be sure it has extra security. You can create additional policies for links, add time or download limits or simply add password protection.

Audit log

If something went wrong, you can always track down the source of problem. Every action of company users is recorded and provided as a log to the Administrator.


  1. FileAPI


    FileAPI is a layer on top of object storage. FileAPI provides infrastructure and interfaces for file management with rich feature-sets.

    Built to Scale

    Built to Scale

    Cloudike is ready for multi million users installations. Every component of the Cloudike platform is easily scalable.

    Support of All Major Client Platforms

    Support of All Major Client Platforms

    Client applications are available for Web, MobileWeb, iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

    Support for Different Authentication Methods

    Support for Different Authentication Methods

    Not only E-mail address can be used as a login credential, but also mobile phone number, or credentials from your LDAP/AD or OAuth server.



    Multiple company accounts are supported out of the box with automatic sub-domain management and different authentication methods for each account.

Use Cases


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Huawei
  • Croc
  • Hortonworks


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  • Android Apps Review
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